REVIVE Physiotherapy

Revive Physiotherapy is a name associated with a team consisting of experts in the field with combined experience of over 9 decades. Each individual playing a vital role in the growth and development of the profession and also spreading joy and happiness to community through effective and customised programs to each and every client.

The service includes a comprehensive list of treatment programs designed to address the physical needs of the patient.

Individuals with symptoms of Pain, Loss of movement, inability to perform a particular action, obesity, bad posture, musculoskeletal injuries, post-operative limitation, or any sort of physical ailment treatable therapeutically is scientifically assessed, diagnosed and individual plan developed to address the problem of clients.

Common Medical conditions of Spondylosis, arthritis, Disc prolapse, ACL injuries, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist injuries, scoliosis, tendinitis and post-operative rehabilitation of joint replacements, reconstructive surgeries. Neurological case of stroke, cerebral palsy, hemiplegia etc are all treated at REVIVE PHYSIOTHERAPY.

Our Mission

To play an important role in preventive health care and as part of the primary health care service offering Physiotherapy services.

Our Philosophy

Evidence based practice with at most ... importance given to Patients care. Use of modern physical therapy techniques and latest technologies to achieve best results in patient care & clinic management. Integration of new techniques and continuous upgradation of knowledge with best in clinical practice providing effective results.

Our Vision

To become a premier Physiotherapy provider and deliver quality Physical health care.

Why Choose Us

Personalized Treatment

Every client receives individual attention as we understand that no two problems are the same. Our treatments are personalised to suit the age, occupation, goals etc. These programs are always over seen by a Senior Therapist at REVIVE.

Qualified Therapist

The team comprises qualified therapists from the top educational Institute with most holding a Master’s degree in the field of Physiotherapy. Our team comprises a diverse culture spreading from north to south and east to west, as we ensure you avail the best treatment at REVIVE.

Experienced Staff

All our staff hold years of clinical experience in treating the most challenging cases. Beyond the experience our internal training process ensures we offer the best and most practical protocol for ease and progressive rehab programs.

Registered Physiotherapists

Revive Physiotherapists are registered under prestigious universities and recognised association of the state and Nation. All hold very credible portfolios in Physiotherapy and major contributors in the profession.

Our Therapists

Our founders are recognised and receivers of many awards for contribution the profession. Each holding close to two decades of clinical experience and as entrepreneurs have contributed extensively to the field of health, education, sports and fitness.

Dr Jasper David (PT)
MPT (Ortho & Sports)
Managing Partners - REVIVE Head of REVIVE Sports Rehab
Managing Director JSports India
Dr Jasper David (PT)Physiscal Therapist

About Jasper David

Founder, Managing Partner of REVIVE PHYSICAL HEALTH & WELLNESS is an avid promoter of health & wellness with keen interest in the field of Sports.

A Master’s Degree holder in Musculoskeletal & Sports injury rehabilitation is a firm believer in science & evidence based practice. His 12 and more years of constant focus on improving the field of PT has involved him in hands on clinical practice, academics, health care management and projects involving social causes across difference disciplines.

A trained skill full professional with acumen to assess, manage and treat physical disorders using various physical therapy, manual therapy techniques have gained him the respect and adoration from his clients and patients with various musculoskeletal disorders.

About Aditi Singh

Dr. Aditi Singh (PT), Co-founder and Managing Partner at REVIVE Multi-speciality Physical Health & Wellness, India. Head of Physiotherapy at Revive Physiotherapy clinics, Founder of Clinical PilatesTM India and Founder and Master Trainer at FitMomPilates Studios.

A Physical Therapist with Masters in Neurology with over 14 years of experience in Physical health care and rehabilitation. She is also a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor who was trained in Toronto, Canada (The home base of STOTT PILATES) in 2011, since then she has been practicing Pilates integrating it with physiotherapy for patients suffering from various musculoskeletal, sports, women’s health, metabolic and other conditions.

The use of a holistic approach with evidence based practice for better care and positive outcomes has been an approach receiving positive feedback from clients across various segments, cultures and geographical boundaries.

Dr. Aditi singh is consummately interested in the science of physical health care and she continues to learn, share, grow and remain a beacon of wellness.

Dr Aditi Singh
MPT (Neuro)
Managing Partners - REVIVE
Founder & Master Trainer – REVIVE Pilates Studio
Founder – Clinical Pilates India
Dr Aditi Singh (MPT)Physical Therapist