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It is a widely regarded Medical profession that provides treatment in the form of Physical therapy both physical and electrical agents. We treat acute and chronic pains, movement disorders and physical impairments resulting from injuries or trauma or illness.

Clinical Pilates

An exercise form that has been practised and perfected to suit patients with various aches and pain, postural imbalances, weak musculature and core instability. REVIVE has perfected this art and is the founder of Clinical Pilates in India.

Manual Therapy

A treatment used by Physiotherapist in conjunction with exercise therapy to treat various musculoskeletal problems with aches and pains that effect day-to-day activities. It is used in orthopaedic and neurological problems.

Women’s Health

A Special wing that helps in monitoring and managing the physical issues related to the Women’s Health and Fitness. We offer specific programs for Posture, prenatal and post-natal fitness, Diastasis recti, and Core muscle strengthening.

Why Choose Us

Personalized Treatment

Every client receives individual attention as we understand that no two problems are the same. Our treatments are personalised to suit the age, occupation, goals etc. These programs are always over seen by a senior therapist at REVIVE.

Qualified Therapist

Our team comprises qualified therapists from the top educational Institute with most holding a Master’s degree in the field of Physiotherapy. Our team represents a diverse cultural and regional background spreading from north to South and East to west, as we ensure our clients avail the best treatment at REVIVE.

Experienced Staff

All our staff hold years of clinical experience in treating the most challenging cases. Beyond the experience our internal training process ensures we offer the best and most practical protocol for ease and progressive rehab programs.

Registered Physiotherapists

Revive Physiotherapists are registered under prestigious universities and recognised association of the state and Nation. All hold very credible portfolios in Physiotherapy and major contributors in the profession.

Our Specialities

Our Founders

Our founders are recognised and recipients of prestigious awards for contribution in the profession. Each holding close to two decades of clinical experience and as entrepreneurs have contributed extensively to the field of health, education, sports and fitness.
Dr Jasper David
Dr Jasper David (PT)Physical Therapist
Dr Aditi Singh
Dr Aditi Singh (MPT)Physical Therapist

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